Arctic Suit

An arctic variant of the hazmat suit which trades radiation for cold protection.

ProjectileProjectile 30 %
MeleeMelee 30 %
BiteBite 5 %
RadiationRadiation 33 %
ColdCold 33 %
ExplosionExplosion 3 %
Arctic Suit
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Abyss Pack

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Lumberjack Pack

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Arctic Pack

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Nomad Outfit

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ERKEK2000 41 pts. year ago

Perfect pay to win skin. Absolutely removes all the negative environmental effects in the game: wetness, cold and radiation.

Hyperion 146 pts. 2 years ago

Lowest temperature your going to get is -5 Celsius at night in the cold, which will cause a next to no damage even over long periods, overall perfect for running oil/underwater labs in the snow.

[IBERIANS] MΛXIΛID 109 pts. 2 years ago

Although it is officially regarded as a skin, it is actually a distinct piece of equipment, since it has different stats in contrast to the regular hazmat suit. However, the skin status means a player who's bought the "Arctic Pack" will be able to turn the arctic suit into a regular hazmat and vice versa at a repair bench, at any time and zero cost.
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