Basic Max Health Tea

A tea that increases your maximum health.

HydrationHydration +30
Max Health +5%   20 min
Basic Max Health Tea
  1. Mixing
  2. Tips
Product Recipe Ingredients Total Time BP Required Workbench
Basic Max Health Tea Basic Max Health Tea Red BerryRed BerryRed BerryYellow Berry Red Berry×3Yellow Berry×1 5 sec - Mixing Table
Advanced Max Health Tea Advanced Max Health Tea Basic Max Health TeaBasic Max Health TeaBasic Max Health TeaBasic Max Health Tea Red Berry×12Yellow Berry×4 5 sec - Mixing Table

Adalbert Gaming[contributor] 165 pts. 2 years ago

It can be used in PVP to tank more shots before you die. Your HP is increased by +5% (from 100 HP to 105 HP) but the effect last only 20 minutes. You can use it with full Heavy Plate Armor set to tank even more damage but i do not recommend it beacuse it's only +5 max health. If you wanna tank more damage, i suggest to upgrade the basic max health tea to pure max health tea for +20 max health.
Identifier -1184406448
Stack Size ×10
Despawn time 20 min