Blue Berry Seed

These blue berry seeds can be planted in the ground and grown to collect additional food. Planting these seeds in a planter, and then watering them with large quantities of water yields significantly more Corn and faster groth.

Blue Berry Seed
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Item Amount Chance
Blue Berry Blue Berry 1–2 100 %
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Blue Berry Bush Blue BerryBlue Berry SeedWorm10%Grub5%

ToplessTurtle 31 pts. 3 years ago

For fastest and most profitable crop, do the following:
  • Plant in a Planter
  • Keep the temperature warm
  • Keep the planters stocked with fertilizer
  • Keep the water level between 6000ml and 8000ml
  • Make sure they are in full light

If you do it correctly, the plants will be at 100% happiness!
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