Blue Keycard

The Blue Keycard is a game object required in order to access quite a lot of monument puzzles. It can be obtained by fishing and gutting high tier fish or by completing green monument puzzles on Harbors, Satellite Dish or Sewer Branch. List of monuments that require Blue Keycard to finish monument puzzle: Airfield, Arctic Research Base, Military Tunnels, Missile Silo, Oil Rig, Power Plant, Trainyard, Water Treatment and Underwater Labs. Large Oil Rig does not require Blue Keycard to access Locked Crate but it grants access to 4 military crates.

Blue Keycard
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Shop name For Sale Cost
Tools & Stuff Blue Keycard Scrap×100
Scrap 4 Sale Scrap×40 Blue Keycard
Item Amount Chance
Catfish Catfish 1 20 %
Orange Roughy Orange Roughy 1 20 %
Salmon Salmon 1 20 %
Small Shark Small Shark 1 20 %

Quarkyツ 77 pts. 4 years ago

The blue keycard can be used to unlock doors at:
  • Airfield
  • Trainyard
  • Power Plant
  • Water Treatment
With the update to how red keycards work and are used, it is very important to grab a few of these so you don't run out of red keycards.

Pale Dolphin 47 pts. 3 years ago

Blue keycard can be bought from the Outpost for 100 scrap or found in these monuments:
  • Harbor (any)
  • Satellite Dish
  • Sewer Branch

Blue keycard is always behind a green door, which means you need a green keycard and a fuse to get it.

Phyz 31 pts. 5 years ago

You can buy a Blue Keycard for 100 Scrap at Outpost(Safe Zone).

FROG BOOT WARRIOR[contributor] 193 pts. 2 years ago

Can be found in the abandoned labs. (sometimes they spawn, sometimes not)
1. In middle the crew quarters green card room, on a table in front of the door. 2. In the brig within the middle locker.
Identifier -484206264
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 40 min