Halloween Candy

Some loose halloween candy Collect 10 to upgrade to a Small Loot Bat!

CaloriesCalories +25
Health over timeHealth over time +1
Halloween Candy
  1. Upgrade
  2. Tips
Halloween Candy×10>Small Loot Bag
Small Loot Bag×10>Medium Loot Bag
Medium Loot Bag×10>Large Loot Bag

Kanli banditcamp.com 1 pts. year ago

New candies always spawn in front of you. You can eat candies if you need. Make small bags until you get Pumpkin Bucket. If you left click candies with Pumpkin Bucket you'll collect them instantly with this way you'll get a lot more candies in less time. If you got Pumpkin Bucket don't open any Small Bags always make them Big Bag. Big Bags contains Tier3 guns and more even M249!
Identifier -888153050
Stack Size ×1,000
Despawn time 5 min