Pumpkin Plant Clone

A Clipping of a pumpkin plant. Pumpkin Clones/Cuttings are collected by holding -E- on a 65% grown pumpkin plant

Pumpkin Plant Clone
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NintendoBrony[contributor] 191 pts. 4 years ago

PumpKoi's comment is no longer accurate, as the entire gene system was overhauled in the 2019 update to farming. Genes are now represented with a string of letters rather than a number.
It is generally better to clone plants with really good genes and harvest the rest. If you are interested in cross breeding to get the most out of your growing setup, keep a few decent ones for crossbreeding.
This is not my video, but it is a great tutorial for crossbreeding the perfect strain (all G's and Y's, though you could also go for H's if you live in the snow): https://youtu.be/I5w0KAqkHYI

PumpKoi[contributor] 25 pts. 5 years ago*

Pumpkin cuttings are an item in the game usually created when holding -E- on a 65% grown pumpkin, picking it trough 65% - 100% wont make a difference in the amount of cuttings, for pumpkins its always 5. It is also noted that taking a cutting of any plant decreases by 10% this affects its (yield) - {only affected when in planter} and growth speed to prevent mass production and using pumpkins for healing which was added in a patch
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