4 Module Vehicle

The 4 Module Vehicle is a car chassis that can house 4 vehicle modules as the name implies. It spawns on the roadside with an engine/engine cockpit module, and often with a random vehicle module, most commonly a flatbed module.

Decay time outside 14 hours 24 min
Decay time inside 144 hours
4 Module Vehicle
  1. Modules
  2. Fuel
  3. Recycling
  4. Tips
Module HP Engine Steering Seats Storage Bags Size
Cockpit Vehicle Module Cockpit Vehicle Module 360 - Yes 2 - - 1
Armored Cockpit Vehicle Module Armored Cockpit Vehicle Module 700 - Yes 2 - - 1
Cockpit With Engine Vehicle Module Cockpit With Engine Vehicle Module 425 70 kW Yes 2 - - 1
Engine Vehicle Module Engine Vehicle Module 300 95 kW - - - - 1
Flatbed Vehicle Module Flatbed Vehicle Module 250 - - - - - 1
Armored Passenger Vehicle Module Armored Passenger Vehicle Module 675 - - 2 - - 1
Rear Seats Vehicle Module Rear Seats Vehicle Module 275 - - 2 - - 1
Storage Vehicle Module Storage Vehicle Module 275 - - - 48 slots - 1
Taxi Vehicle Module Taxi Vehicle Module 295 - - 2 12 slots - 1
Camper Vehicle Module Camper Vehicle Module 525 - - 4 50 slots 4 2
Large Flatbed Vehicle Module Large Flatbed Vehicle Module 325 - - - - - 2
Fuel Tank Vehicle Module Fuel Tank Vehicle Module 325 - - - 200,000 ml - 2
Passenger Vehicle Module Passenger Vehicle Module 525 - - 6 - - 2
Engine Consumption per Hour Tank Capacity Full Tank
Cockpit With Engine Vehicle Module Cockpit With Engine Vehicle Module Low Grade Fuel×288 500 1 hour 44 min 10 sec
Engine Vehicle Module Engine Vehicle Module Low Grade Fuel×396 500 1 hour 15 min 45 sec
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Shredder Scrap×125 50 %

Calgacus[contributor] 595 pts. 3 years ago*

Some overall Car tips:
- Cars do not decay when on a powered Car-lift, if the Car-lift is not powered the Car will decay;
- Armoured Cockpit modules can be repaired in the field safety if solo, by changing to the passenger seat (pressing X by default), then using a hammer and metal frags.
- The locking mechanism locks all modules: Cockpits, Engines, Fuel Tanker, Storage, Passenger (except Taxi) and as well the Car's fuel tank. This means you can park a car inside the SafeZone of Bandit or Outpost and recycle/buy/sell without the concern of anyone stealing your car. This in contrast to horses, and helicopters which can be stolen, even with a pilot. Ensure the Car is parked well inside the SafeZone as people can push them out, but this does deplete the pushers food bar.
- Automatic door-opening setup is extremely useful for the garage doors housing Cars. Simple setup and low power usage: https://youtu.be/ebSJjRHWz3s
- When using the Storage Module, always keep in mind if you place the Car Key inside the Storage Module of a locked Car, you will be locked out of the Car. As of the current patch, duplicate Car Keys cannot be crafted. You will need to use a powered Car-lift to remove the lock and add a new lock. If this happens in the field, you will need to create a small base as close to the Car as possible, and push the Car to the powered Car-lift.
- The Patrol (Attack) Helicopter will attack if you're driving the Car, if you change to the Passenger seat before the Helicopter is aggravated onto you, the Helicopter will ignore you. (Tested in Armoured Cockpit)

AKO 57 pts. year ago

A 4 module vehicle can be extremely slow unless it has 2 engines, or utilizes storage containers instead of armored passenger vehicles. One engine is NOT enough for 2 armored carrying units, so think wisely.
If possible, only utilize high quality parts, or your 4 module will be extremely slow. Leveraging 2 engines means 2x the number of parts needed, but it will significantly help with transportation of 4 people (2 armored units) or 2 people (1 armored units) and storage.
Incredibly fun to drive around the map, transport people safely to safe zones, or even try to STEAL a locked crate from a monument.
You can open windows from the armored modules, so you can loot locked crates if you drive up to them. Just don't get your windows or engines shot off or the vehicle will not move anymore.

Tyrone 1,945 pts. 3 years ago*

  • Most controllable of the 3 chassis.
  • Keep in mind that each module slows down the vehicle so remove unused modules if max speed is desired.
  • A longer chassis is also slightly slower than a shorter one when using the same power.