The Shredder is a large object inside Junkyard, it is used for shredding module vehicles. It also acts as an alternative recycler to vehicle modules when placed on any module vehicles. Using the crane, you can use the magnet to pull module vehicles or scrapped pickup trucks and release them onto the shredder. It will kill any players standing on the rotating blades.

  1. Recycling
  2. Tips

MrQuest 101 pts. 3 years ago

Don't jump into the Shredder.

Lulu 69 pts. year ago

A great way to turn low grade into scrap. You get 50 scrap per white car in the junkyard and there's usually 5-10 cars around. If you're new to using the crane take 100 low grade per scrapping run for lots of extra fuel time. If you get good at using the crane you can easily scrap all the cars with less than 40 low grade.