Oil Barrel

The Oil Barrel spawns in certain component piles and contains fuel. Starting players will want to break this to speed up the acquisition of a furnace so that they may progress, while players which already have furnaces will want to break these to refine the Crude Oil within.

Oil Barrel
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Item Condition Category Chance
Crude Oil×15-19 Crude Oil - Resources 100 %
Low Grade Fuel×5-9 Low Grade Fuel - Resources 100 %
NPC Mission Description Target Reward
Fisherman Oiled up Find fuel for the fisherman - Scrap×100

Tyrone 1,945 pts. 3 years ago*

The most dense oil barrel location is underneath dome. Up to 6 oil barrels underneath and 4 on the two silos beside dome.

Seetr 26 pts. 3 years ago

Oil Barrels are easily found when running the roads and running the oceans but groups of them can commonly be found at several monuments in the same spawn location:
Dome - several barrels always spawn underneath the dome with two oil refineries also under dome
Airfield - Found in a chamber underground at the opposite end of airfield to the keycard room, accessed by the open man holes with ladders with an oil refinery found in the garage
Launch Site - On the side of launch with the big crane on it, near the green building with the switch in it, several will spawn there and in around that area. There's also an oil refinery located on the crane side of launch but it's very exposed
Harbour 1&2 - Harbours are a great source of Oil Barrels with several being able to be found all across both harbour areas as well as both of them having oil refineries
Outpost, Water, Train, and Power Plant all also have oil refineries
I'm sure there are other places but these are the ones I know :)