Advanced Ore Tea

A tea that increases the amount of ore you receive.

HydrationHydration +30
Ore Yield +35%   30 min
Advanced Ore Tea
  1. Mixing
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Product Recipe Ingredients Total Time BP Required Workbench
Advanced Ore Tea Advanced Ore Tea Basic Ore TeaBasic Ore TeaBasic Ore TeaBasic Ore Tea Yellow Berry×8Blue Berry×8 5 sec - Mixing Table
Pure Ore Tea Pure Ore Tea Advanced Ore TeaAdvanced Ore TeaAdvanced Ore TeaAdvanced Ore Tea Yellow Berry×32Blue Berry×32 5 sec - Mixing Table

WTF is a banner 71 pts. 10 months ago

Just to the people that was like me. siting in there base looking at shops then se this tea and want's to know if it works on stones. Yes it works on stons + all other nod.
Identifier 2063916636
Stack Size ×10
Despawn time 40 min