Basic Ore Tea

A tea that increases the amount of ore you receive.

HydrationHydration +30
Ore Yield +20%   30 min
Basic Ore Tea
  1. Mixing
  2. Tips
Product Recipe Ingredients Total Time BP Required Workbench
Basic Ore Tea Basic Ore Tea Yellow BerryBlue BerryYellow BerryBlue Berry Yellow Berry×2Blue Berry×2 5 sec - Mixing Table
Advanced Ore Tea Advanced Ore Tea Basic Ore TeaBasic Ore TeaBasic Ore TeaBasic Ore Tea Yellow Berry×8Blue Berry×8 5 sec - Mixing Table

Wild_Luger31 31 pts. 2 years ago

With all teas its better to make a half decent farm to get berries.If u want to use them on your own and ur not a big group 2 planter boxes are good.You can also sell them through a vending machine for scrap
Identifier 1480022580
Stack Size ×10
Despawn time 20 min