Bandit Guard Gear

A Bandit Guard Suit worn by the guards at bandit camp. Unobtainable during normal gameplay, it can only be acquired through console by admins.

ProjectileProjectile 30 %
MeleeMelee 30 %
BiteBite 15 %
RadiationRadiation 50 %
ColdCold 8 %
ExplosionExplosion 17 %
Bandit Guard Gear
  1. Recycling
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Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler Tarp×2Sewing KitHigh Quality Metal×4 40 %
Recycler Tarp×3Sewing Kit×2High Quality Metal×5 60 %

Duck 62 pts. 11 months ago

Fun fact : It provide the same stats as a hazard suit. But even if it say "Protects Entire Body", it only use the Chest emplacement. That mean you can wear frog boots, pants, wood armor pants, bandana mask and riot helmet to be at 73% of radiation protection. Not really useful since it's not obtainable by standard means.
Identifier -1622110948
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 5 min