Burlap Headwrap

As a default blueprint, the burlap headwrap is occasionally crafted during early-game after the hunting bow and bandages.

ProjectileProjectile 15 %
MeleeMelee 15 %
BiteBite 3 %
RadiationRadiation 2 %
ColdCold 7 %
Burlap Headwrap
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Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Burlap Headwrap Blueprint Burlap Headwrap Blueprint

Known by Default

Cloth×10 3–15 sec -
Tool Requirements Scrap Total
Research Table Research Table Burlap HeadwrapScrap×10>Burlap Headwrap Blueprint 10
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler Cloth×4 40 %
Recycler Cloth×6 60 %

Stolas[contributor] 554 pts. 3 years ago

Try not to make this early game, not only does it look ugly it is worse than the bandana + cap combo, it has less radiation, less cold resist, less bite resist, less melee resist, and the same projectile resist but at the same cost as a bandana and cap. plus you look snazzy as heck when you make the bandana and cap. the only time i can think of needing this is in the arid because you are "too hot" with the bandana and cap, but even then being "too hot" isnt ever really a problem.

qt 31 pts. 3 years ago

Burlap headwrap is now useless if u got the headset item from the twitch drops. headset is the same price but headset gives 5 rad protection and 20 projectile protection so its much better to just craft a headset.
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