Clatter Helmet

A special item for those who own Clatter. To have it, it is necessary to buy from other games and play for 30 minutes.

ProjectileProjectile 20 %
MeleeMelee 50 %
BiteBite 8 %
RadiationRadiation 4 %
ColdCold 6 %
ExplosionExplosion 8 %
Clatter Helmet
  1. Craft
  2. Recycling
  3. Steam Item
  4. Tips
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
skin Clatter Helmet Blueprint

Requires Steam item

Metal Fragments×35 7–30 sec -
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler Metal Fragments×14 40 %
Recycler Metal Fragments×21 60 %
Clatter Helmet

Clatter Helmet...

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Overwatch 63 pts. 4 years ago

How to obtain:

In order to receive this item you have to...
  1. Buy the game "Clatter" available on the steam store.
  2. Install and launch it for 30 minutes (you need to have 30 minutes of played time but you can sit in the main menu and wait if you do not wish to play the game to retrieve the helmet).
  3. Fully launch rust and join any random server.
  4. Quit the game, you should now get it in your inventory.


If you ever refund the game Clatter from your library you will have the helmet permanently REMOVED from your inventory and will no longer be able to retrive it what so ever in the future.This seems to be the case with people refunded this before the helmet was released (as I could understand from other users posts in Clatters official discord server).


  • Does not require a workbench to craft.
  • Costs only 35 metal fragments to craft.
  • Bandana masks can be worn along with this item for extra protection.


  • The 2 torches on each side of the helmet glow in the dark and will make you very visible by other players. Remember to unequipp it for the night roamings!


ZuccΛ 148 pts. 5 years ago

Same stats as the Bucket Helmet but don't need to research and workbench for crafting! (Only for the Clatter game owners)

Wild Goat[supporter] 71 pts. 5 years ago

This helmet seems to have a pseudo torch-like effect at the end of the pipes of the helmet. It doesn't give off light to the user unless they are very close to a wall, and even then it's very very minimal- Not even enough to illuminate anything else. While worn, the sound effect of a lit torch will play. Enemies will be able to see the flames from the pipes at night, however- for the cost and it's ability to be worn with a bandana mask, it's still a very good piece of armor early game. In the event you find yourself with an extra 35 metal fragments before you have a work bench, this bad boy can be crafted without one.

32-Bit 41 pts. 7 months ago

When combined with a Small Hunting Trophy, still gives off as much light as it would when worn. To do this simply:
  • Kill a player or find a body
  • Place the clatter helmet in their equipment slot
  • Harvest them with the hunting knife
Identifier 968019378
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 5 min