Mushrooms can be found in forest and snow biomes and offer some decent healing properties. Although when eaten they don't provide many calories, they can be found in abundance in brown areas viable in the in-game map. Mushrooms will restore a portion of the consumer's health instantly, making them useful for early-game PvP.

CaloriesCalories +15
HydrationHydration +5
HealthHealth +3
  1. Collected
  2. Compostable
  3. Tips
Object Resources
Mushrooms MushroomWorm5%Grub3%
Item Composting Amount per Stack
Composter Composter Mushroom>Fertilizer×0.2 2

Paul[contributor] 1,400 pts. 5 years ago

It's one of the very few food items that instantly restores health. Keep a stack or two on you to restore any lost health. Good in tandem with a Medical Syringe, allowing you to restore more health.

Tyrone 1,945 pts. 3 months ago

If you put Mushrooms or any food in your hotbar you can press the keybind for that slot to eat them.
Identifier -1962971928
Stack Size ×10
Despawn time 5 min