Helps plants grow by increasing ground condition. Produced in a composter.

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Produce Exchange Scrap×3 Fertilizer×2

Mr. Lean 6 pts. 4 years ago

When placing unwanted food or waste in the Composter make sure to use burnt human/animal meat. This may be tedious but in the long run, it is efficient because human meat really has no other use and comes abundantly if you play in a large team or roam/PVP often. Coming to see how much harder it is to get a horse and have it produce dung, the safest bet would be to capitalize on what resources are most expendable and abundant to each player.

BringJoy2Everyone 17 pts. 3 years ago

As for now (november update) the best way to get reasonable amount of fertilizer is to buy pickles at bandit camp. Even though it has a buy cooldown now.

Tyrone 1,945 pts. 2 years ago*

The produce exchange refills progressively less each minute.
Easy way to get scrap.
  • Place a triangle 1x1 beside the produce exchange and every so often spawn in and sell your fertilizer.

Toulie2 11 pts. 3 months ago

If you are a solo player on a high pop server you can get one horse compost it dong to get 1000 fertilizer and selling 1k fertilizer at bandit camp/outpost will give you 1,446 scrap it took me about one hour and a half to sell 1k fertilizer while other people on the server was also selling
Identifier -930193596
Stack Size ×1,000
Despawn time 5 min