Ration Box

The Ration Box is a loot container found either in junk piles or on the outskirts of most monuments. It is a very good source of food and water. Additionally, it can be a good source for getting early game metal fragments from smelting empty tuna cans or empty bean cans, albeit, not a consistent source as spawns are random.

Ration Box
  1. Loot
  2. Tips
Item Condition Category Chance
Water Jug500 ml Water Jug - Food 25 %
Small Water Bottle120 ml Small Water Bottle - Food 21 %
Anti-Radiation Pills×1-2 Anti-Radiation Pills - Medical 25 %
Can of Beans×1-2 Can of Beans - Food 21 %
Granola Bar×1-2 Granola Bar - Food 21 %
Can of Tuna×1-2 Can of Tuna - Food 21 %
Chocolate Bar×1-2 Chocolate Bar - Food 21 %
Apple×1-2 Apple - Food 21 %
Pickles×1-4 Pickles - Food 13 %

Quarkyツ 77 pts. 4 years ago

Don't try your luck with the pickles, trust me it's not worth it

Kernelly 31 pts. 5 years ago

Useful for noobs, obviously. If you don't have a farm near your base you could just farm food by searching the roads to find these containers. These are mostly found in the abandoned martkets.