Small Water Bottle

The Water Bottle found in trash piles, and is used for the collection and transportation of drinkable water. To fill, equip it and right click while looking at a source of water. You can then drink from it whenever you desire with a left click (make sure the water in the bottle is freshwater and not salt/stagnant water). If the water in the pouch is not desired, or if you are attempting to extinguish a fire (not napalm), you can right click on the bottle again to dump it's contents.

Small Water Bottle
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Container Condition Amount Chance
Underwater Lab Food Crate - 1–3 42 %
Ration Box - 1–2 21 %
Food Crate - 1–3 67 %
Underwater Lab Ration Box - 1–3 30 %
Wagon Food Crate - 1–3 67 %

greg[contributor] 44 pts. 3 years ago

the water bottle spawns with 125ml of water and can be filled to 250ml maximum, making them harder to find than bota bags, and worse in general.

Tyrone 1,945 pts. 3 years ago

  • Drinking water removes radiation.
  • You can heal to 45hp with water.

MeeMdic 25 pts. year ago

Unlike the Bota Bag, you can put it inside a fridge
Identifier -1039528932
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 5 min
Capacity 250 ml