MLRS Aiming Module

The MLRS Aiming Module is a required item to use the MLRS, it can only be found in Locked Crates considering the power of the MLRS. After using the MLRS, the aiming module gets consumed.

MLRS Aiming Module
  1. Loot
  2. Recycling
  3. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Locked Crate 100 % 1 50 %
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler Metal Fragments×40Tech Trash×2 40 %
Recycler Metal Fragments×60Tech Trash×3 60 %

Chicken Dinner 11 pts. 2 years ago

You Should Prob Go To Large Oil Locked Crate For The Aiming Module
Identifier 343045591
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 1 hour