The Pumpkin provides a great amount of calories, hydration, and healing compared to the other foods. It can also be worn on your head. When high durability, seeds are dropped when consumed. With the plant giving 3 harvests, they prove to be an easy to farm foodstuff giving massive returns. Can be found on the sides of streams.

CaloriesCalories +100
HydrationHydration +30
Health over timeHealth over time +10
Bait Lvl 1
  1. Loot
  2. Collected
  3. Recycled from
  4. Produces
  5. Compostable
  6. Ingredient for
  7. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Food Crate - 1–3 22 %
Wagon Food Crate - 1–3 21 %
Object Resources
Wild Pumpkin Plant PumpkinPumpkin SeedWorm10%Grub5%
Item Category Amount Chance
Jack O Lantern Angry Jack O Lantern Angry Items 1–2 100 %
Jack O Lantern Happy Jack O Lantern Happy Items 1–2 100 %
Carvable Pumpkin Carvable Pumpkin Items 0–1 40–60 %
Item Amount
Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin Seed 1–2
Item Composting Amount per Stack
Composter Composter Pumpkin>Fertilizer×0.1 2
Item Ingredients Category For 1 pc.
Jack O Lantern Angry Jack O Lantern Angry Pumpkin×2 Items 2
Jack O Lantern Happy Jack O Lantern Happy Pumpkin×2 Items 2
Carvable Pumpkin Carvable Pumpkin Pumpkin Items 1

Hasery[contributor] 111 pts. 6 years ago

when you eat any food example Pumpkin and +health over time is still running, you can't get calories and hydration of pumpkin. Including medical item like Large Medkit

Bruce U. 24 pts. 5 years ago

Wearing this on your head may make you look cool, but your squishy head is just as vulnerable with a pumpkin on it as it is without one on (it offers zero protective stats do your head). These pumpkinsPumpkin can also stack up to 20, allowing them to be used as a helpful additive to your health during or after a fight.

Phyz 31 pts. 5 years ago

You can find a lot of pumpkins near rivers.

NintendoBrony[contributor] 191 pts. 4 years ago

While inferior to syringes (and louder, giving away your position behind cover), they are easy to mass produce, making them valuable for healing when combined with bandages, since bleed damage interrupts heal-over-time effects.

Melody 27 pts. 3 years ago

Everytime you eat pumpkins, it's give you 1 seed and sometimes its give you 1 seed during harvest. so it's very efficient food resources if you are out of or far from river

[UA]Roriv 7 pts. year ago

Use that plant in any fights or when loot some monuments. Pumpkins are very easy to find. Usually near rivers you can find a lot of them, also corn can be used like a pumpkin, but pumpkin better.
Identifier -567909622
Stack Size ×20
Despawn time 20 min