Double Horse Saddle

A horse saddle with two seats. Having this item allows you to claim a horse in a stable by holding E and selecting the 'Claim' option

Double Horse Saddle
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Shop name For Sale Cost
Stables Shopkeeper Double Horse Saddle Scrap×90
Can be found in Condition Amount Chance
Advent Calendar Advent Calendar 100 % 3 100 %
Tool Max Repair Cost Condition Loss BP Required
Repair Bench Repair Bench High Quality Metal×2Cloth×12 20% No
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler Road Signs×2Sewing Kit×2 40 %
Recycler Road Signs×3Sewing Kit×2 60 %

Chain Reaction 148 pts. 3 months ago

For that extra Brokeback Mountain feel.
Identifier -1323101799
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 5 min