Sulfur Ore

Sulfur ore is a resource found in Sulfur nodes. Smelting sulfur ore in any furnace will give sulfur, an ingredient in crafting gunpowder.

Sulfur Ore
  1. Gathered from
  2. Unload
  3. Collected
  4. Extracted by
  5. Smelting
  6. Tips
Object Salvaged Icepick Jackhammer Pickaxe Stone Pickaxe Salvaged Hammer Bone Club Rock
Sulfur Ore Node 300 300 300 257 146 101 100
Train Wagon Amount
Unloadable Train Wagon 2,000–4,000
Object Resources
Scattered Sulfur Rock Sulfur Ore×50
Quarry Yield Per Barrel Time Fuel
Mining Quarry Mining Quarry 1,000 2 min 10 sec Diesel Fuel
Giant Excavator 2,000 2 min Diesel Fuel
Furnace Process Time
Large Furnace Large Furnace Sulfur OreWoodfuel×0.17>Sulfur 0.33 sec
Furnace Furnace Sulfur OreWoodfuel×0.83>Sulfur 1.67 sec
Electric Furnace Electric Furnace Sulfur Ore>Sulfur 1 sec

Tintinico[contributor] 139 pts. 3 years ago

If you need to farm sulfur fast go to the snow. This is widely considered the most valuable ore in the game.
Identifier -1157596551
Stack Size ×1,000
Despawn time 40 min