High Quality Metal Ore

A rock containing High Quality Metal. Can be smelted in a furnace.

High Quality Metal Ore
  1. Gathered from
  2. Extracted by
  3. Smelting
  4. Tips
Object Salvaged Icepick Stone Pickaxe Jackhammer Pickaxe
Metal Ore Node 2 2 2 2
Quarry Yield Per Barrel Time Fuel
Mining Quarry Mining Quarry 50 2 min 10 sec Diesel Fuel
Giant Excavator 100 2 min Diesel Fuel
Furnace Process Time
Large Furnace Large Furnace High Quality Metal OreWoodfuel×0.67>High Quality Metal 1.33 sec
Furnace Furnace High Quality Metal OreWoodfuel×3.33>High Quality Metal 6.67 sec
Electric Furnace Electric Furnace High Quality Metal Ore>High Quality Metal 4 sec

Üstat Kadir Mısırlıoğlu 27 pts. year ago

Now it stacks with 100
Identifier -1982036270
Stack Size ×100
Despawn time 40 min