Hunting Bow

An old school weapon for new school fun. Useful for short to medium range combat. Arrows shot have a chance to break when they hit, so be sure to carry more than one arrow. Can use either regular Arrows or High-Velocity Arrows which are able to go farther faster, but do less damage. Best used to hunt animals and other humans.

Damage 50
Rate of Fire 60 RPM
Aim Cone
Capacity 1
Reload 1 sec
Draw 1 sec
Hunting Bow
  1. Loot
  2. Craft
  3. Blueprint
  4. Events
  5. Repair
  6. Recycling
  7. Damage
  8. Skins
  9. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Tool Box 100 % 1 5 %
Sunken Crate 100 % 1 3 %
Underwater Lab Tool Box 100 % 1 5 %
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Hunting Bow Blueprint Hunting Bow Blueprint

Known by Default

Wood×200Cloth×50 7–30 sec -
Tool Requirements Scrap Total
Research Table Research Table Hunting BowScrap×10>Hunting Bow Blueprint 10
Can be found in Condition Amount Chance
Bronze Egg Bronze Egg 100 % 1 6 %
Small Loot Bag Small Loot Bag 100 % 1 6 %
Tool Max Repair Cost Condition Loss BP Required
Repair Bench Repair Bench Wood×40Cloth×10 20% No
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler Wood×80Cloth×20 40 %
Recycler Wood×120Cloth×30 60 %
Ammunition Damage DPS Headshot Aim Cone Velocity
High Velocity Arrow High Velocity Arrow 40 40 ×1.5 80
Wooden Arrow Wooden Arrow 50 50 ×1.5 50
Bone Arrow Bone Arrow 40 40 ×1.5 45
Fire Arrow Fire Arrow 40 +20 60 ×1.5 40

nDook[contributor] 832 pts. 6 years ago*

If you jump at the right time during the initial draw animation you can release while in the air. You can use this from behind cover to expose only a portion of yourself and for only a brief moment. Out of cover you can mix this into your jukes to boost your evasion. Releasing mouse 2 at the start of the draw animation can allow you to sprint for a moment while the bow draws. You'll have to hold mouse 2 again before the animation cancels itself, but that burst of speed can be useful for dodging and pursuing.

beau[supporter][contributor] 855 pts. 5 years ago

Firing an arrow while moving left or right will slightly change the trajectory of the arrow corresponding to which way you are moving.

N3xT[contributor] 346 pts. 4 years ago

It's really advisable to exercise your bow shooting skills at special "Bow Aim Train" servers (or combat servers that offer the bow as a choice in training arena's), so that you can hold up for yourself at early game.
Being proficient (and surviving) with the bow is the main way to upgrade your arsenal to guns, and leave bows behind. It can really make or break you during early game, so exercise. If you have what it takes to become what is known as a "bow god", you can even advance further with it during the wipe.

Tyrone 1,945 pts. 3 years ago

  • If you shoot arrows into most parts of a dead body it will start to bounce around.
  • Sometimes this is useful for looting a body that is just out of reach in a shooting floor.
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