Yellow Perch

A Yellow Perch, commonly found in freshwater rivers.

Bait Lvl 10
Yellow Perch
  1. Caught by
  2. Gut for
  3. Shopping
  4. Compostable
  5. Missions
  6. Tips
Item Chance
Bone Fragments×6 Bone Fragments 100 %
Raw Fish×5 Raw Fish 100 %
Animal Fat×9 Animal Fat 100 %
Shop name For Sale Cost
Fish Exchange Scrap×50 Yellow Perch×5
Item Composting Amount per Stack
Composter Composter Yellow Perch>Fertilizer×0.8 8
NPC Mission Description Target Reward
Fisherman Go Fish Fish for 5 Fish AnchovyCatfishHerringMinnowsOrange RoughySalmonSardineSmall SharkSmall TroutYellow Perch KayakPaddle

Tyrone 1,945 pts. 2 years ago

Use to catch more valuable fish as has a bait level of 10 and is only worth 8 scrap. Credit to Jfarr.

masterbaiter 21 pts. 11 months ago

ma man trippin or outdated, but it´s worth 10 scrap. because you can get 50 scrap for 5 fish so. 50/5=10
Identifier 680234026
Stack Size ×10
Despawn time 5 min