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beau[supporter][contributor] 855 pts. 5 years ago

Your eyes are not at the top of your player model's head, so be careful when trying to cover it as you might have a little bit poking out from the cover.

Tekxach 26 pts. 5 years ago

These critters tend to spawn at the shoreline, so living further inland can help to minimize your exposure to them in their early form. They will relentlessly steal crops planted outdoors and scavenge for buried satchels, and some may turn aggressive and attempt to doorcamp you, which while often futile, can be very annoying.
The best way to deal with them is to assert your dominance over the area. If one runs past, it may be worth killing them to deter them from settling/visiting your area again. This will make them more likely to have a negative association with the area and look elsewhere. Since they don't pose much of a threat usually, you should be able to safely kill them most of the time, provided you are quick about it and don't attract the attention of experienced players.
Once they start to settle in, you should be cautious. This is when they will start looting the local area's monuments/roads more seriously, and they may begin to be armored and equipped. You should consider raiding their base to 'gently encourage' them not to settle in nearby. If taken out early, they will be more likely to relocate to an entirely new area, whereas if taken out later, they may decide to set up again somewhere nearby.
Tl;dr just kill them while they're still earlygame even if they're not worth the loot; it'll nail into their heads that the region is not a good place to build a base or go looting.

Tyrone 1,945 pts. 3 years ago*

  • Players render out at 300 meters and render in 285 meters. Credit to Slethion.
  • Keep pressing esc when dead to see when dead.

Pfefferpotthast[contributor] 229 pts. 6 years ago

Pretty annoying, will try to kill you with an Assault Rifle .

mickeyRat 13 pts. 3 years ago

Savage animals, most will try to beat you with rocks, some will hunt you for sport, and others will try to be your friend. These creatures are very stupid and lack the mental capacity for rational thinking. They can also be killed for the loot they have gathered. The closer to the beach the more of these hideous monsters you will find, you will watch them murder each other with sharp sticks and knives made of the bones of the unlucky victims among them. If you have the loot murder these animals when possible, they will kill you if they get the chance, they do not have emotions and are cold and calculating as snakes.

agesilaj 7 pts. 3 years ago

Avoid zergs. Please just avoid zergs