Wolves are essentially faster, weaker bears, known for being insanely aggresive with a bark as tough as its bite. This, in conjunction with their low resources when compared to other animals, makes them a low-priority for resource gathering. However, their skulls are invaluable, as they can be used to craft Wolf Headdresses.

HP 150
  1. Skinning
  2. Tips

MisterDanny8 [CFC] 100 pts. 6 years ago

If you gather a single wolf with a bone knife or hatchet you can make a full armor set. Consisting of. Wolf headdress. Bandana mask. Hide poncho. Hide vest. Hide pants. And Hide boots.

A7MeD_EtOo 49 pts. 4 years ago

you can make Wolf Headdress by 10 cloth and 1 Wolf Skull
Wolf Headdress + Bandana Mask = Coffee Can Helmet