SMG Body

A rare component which is used for crafting submachine guns. It can only be found in military and elite crates.

SMG Body
  1. Loot
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Item Category Amount Chance
MP5A4 MP5A4 Weapon 0–1 40–60 %
Custom SMG Custom SMG Weapon 0–1 40–60 %
Thompson Thompson Weapon 0–1 40–60 %
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler Scrap×12High Quality Metal×2 40 %
Recycler Scrap×18High Quality Metal×2 60 %
Item Ingredients Category For 1 pc.
MP5A4 MP5A4 High Quality Metal×15SMG BodyMetal Spring×2 Weapon 1
Custom SMG Custom SMG High Quality Metal×8SMG BodyMetal Spring Weapon 1
Thompson Thompson High Quality Metal×10Wood×100SMG BodyMetal Spring Weapon 1

Meerkat 51 pts. 2 months ago

If you find these early game I wouldn't recommend to recycle them if you have any plans to make Thompsons due to the low scrap benefit and their rarity
Identifier 1230323789
Stack Size ×10
Despawn time 40 min