Pump Shotgun

The Pump Shotgun is a mid-tier, close ranged weapon. With a magazine size of 6 and relatively fast firing rate it is ideal for close quarters raiding and combat. Its effective range varies only slightly on the ammo that is being used, but can be increased by using Slugs instead of Buckshot or Hand Made Shells.

Damage 210
Rate of Fire 55 RPM
Aim Cone
Capacity 6
Reload 5.5 sec
Draw 1 sec
Pump Shotgun
  1. Loot
  2. Craft
  3. Blueprint
  4. Events
  5. Repair
  6. Recycling
  7. Mods
  8. Damage
  9. Skins
  10. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Military Crate 1–3 % 1 1 %
Elite Tier Crate 1–3 % 1–2 1 %
Underwater Lab Yellow Crate 1–3 % 1 0.4 %
Wagon Military Crate 1–3 % 1 0.5 %
Supply Drop 100 % 1–2 22 %
Locked Crate 100 % 1–2 2 %
Treasure Box 1–3 % 1–2 2 %
Patrol Scientist 100 % 1 0.09 %
Oil Rig Scientist 100 % 1 0.1 %
Excavator Scientist 100 % 1 0.08 %
Arctic Scientist 100 % 1 0.09 %
NVG Scientist 100 % 1 0.4 %
Military Base Scientist 100 % 1 0.08 %
Heavy Scientist 100 % 1 0.07 %
Cargo Ship Scientist 100 % 1 0.07 %
Heavy Scientist With Minigun 100 % 1 0.06 %
Heavy Scientist With Flamethrower 100 % 1 0.08 %
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Pump Shotgun Blueprint Pump Shotgun Blueprint High Quality Metal×15Metal Pipe×2Metal Spring 20–40 sec Workbench Level 2II
Metal Pipe Blueprint Metal Pipe Blueprint High Quality Metal×2Scrap×20 1 sec Workbench Level 3III
Metal Spring Blueprint Metal Spring Blueprint High Quality Metal×2Scrap×50 1 sec Workbench Level 3III
Tool Requirements Scrap Total
Research Table Research Table Pump ShotgunScrap×125>Pump Shotgun Blueprint 125
Workbench Level 2 Workbench Level 2 Longsword BlueprintSalvaged Axe BlueprintSalvaged Icepick Blueprint12 Gauge Buckshot BlueprintScrap×150>Pump Shotgun Blueprint 630
Can be found in Condition Amount Chance
Silver Egg Silver Egg 100 % 1 10 %
Medium Loot Bag Medium Loot Bag 100 % 1 9 %
Large Present Large Present 100 % 1 13 %
Advent Calendar Advent Calendar 100 % 1 100 %
Tool Max Repair Cost Condition Loss BP Required
Repair Bench Repair Bench High Quality Metal×5 20% Yes
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler High Quality Metal×6Metal PipeMetal Spring40% 40 %
Recycler High Quality Metal×9Metal Pipe×2Metal Spring60% 60 %
Modifications Damage Rate of Fire Aim Cone Hip Aim Cone Velocity Recoil Aim Sway Capacity
16x Zoom Scope 16x Zoom Scope - - - - - +50 % - -
Weapon flashlight Weapon flashlight - - - - - - - -
Holosight Holosight - - -20 % - - - - -
Weapon Lasersight Weapon Lasersight - - -20 % -50 % - - -90 % -
Muzzle Boost Muzzle Boost - +10 % +0.15 +0.5 - - - -
Muzzle Brake Muzzle Brake -15 % - +0.5 +2 - -50 % -100 % -
Simple Handmade Sight Simple Handmade Sight - - - - - - - -
Silencer Silencer -25 % - - - -25 % - - -
8x Zoom Scope 8x Zoom Scope - - - - - +50 % - -
Ammunition Damage DPS Headshot Aim Cone Velocity
Handmade Shell Handmade Shell 180 98 ×1.25 12° 100
12 Gauge Buckshot 12 Gauge Buckshot 210 115 ×1.25 12° 225
12 Gauge Incendiary Shell 12 Gauge Incendiary Shell 150 82 ×1 12° 100
12 Gauge Slug 12 Gauge Slug 80 44 ×2 225

state enforced diversity[contributor] 350 pts. 6 years ago

Ideal for base defense or raiding. Otherwise, Double Barrel Shotgun is more cost effective.

despacito man[contributor] 74 pts. 6 years ago

When raiding or defending a raid, rushing out with a Pump shotgun along with heavy plate armor can be very effective to bait out traps or take out enemies.

cxd[contributor] 139 pts. 5 years ago

If you face a guy with Heavy Plate Helmet, Heavy Plate Jacket and Heavy Plate Pants its best to use 12 Gauge Incendiary Shell.

Captain Seasick[contributor] 60 pts. 4 years ago

(This comment/tip/post/whateveryouwannacallit is in response to the bloke *claiming* that the Double-Barreled Shotgun is somehow "more cost-effective" than the Pump-Action Shotgun.)
I'm going to have to (strongly) disagree with you on that. Honestly, let's look at the statistical facts here. (And just to clarify, I'll be referring to the former as "DBS" and the latter as "PAS" from here-on.)
  • The DBS costs less resources both to craft and to repair, so in that regard, yes, it's a better choice if you *only* think about the crafting materials for the weapon itself.
  • The DBS has a significantly faster rate of fire, so you can easily blast an enemy with both barrels at close range. But given my next point, well... just read on.
  • The DBS has a just as long reload time as the PAS, yet only a third of the magazine size. You also can't interrupt the reload for the DBS to squeeze off a quick shot.
  • The DBS has a longer draw time (nearly twice that of the PAS) which can be a fatal disadvantage if you're caught without your weapon out, say in an ambush or a seemingly friendly encounter turned hostile.
  • The PAS (as mentioned above) has a significantly larger magazine size compared to the DBS, giving it a significant advantage in close-quarters fights against multiple combatants, whereas the DBS usually can only take on one enemy with any realistic degree of survivability.
  • The PAS has 30 more points of damage, which literally speaking gives you more bang for your buck(shot).
  • The DBS has a slightly wider spread than the PAS, necessitating that you get up closer to your target to land all pellets with both shots.
  • The PAS is far superiour for hunting purposes, with two shots able to kill a bear at full health. The DBS by comparison needs either two shots, a reload, and then a third shot to kill said bear, or two shots with follow-up attacks from another weapon to kill the beast.
  • The PAS can be fitted with muzzle modifications, which can turn it into a deadly ambush weapon when paired with a silencer/suppressor. (Granted, this gives you a 60~ damage penalty, but the accuracy bonus almost negates that penalty, given the significantly tighter spread, enabling you to engage targets at a slightly longer range.)
  • The PAS has a lot less recoil than the DBS, and given the fact that it's pump-action rather than semi-automatic, controlling the recoil is a breeze.

So all in all, no. The DBS isn't really better than the PAS in any way aside from the initial crafting cost, and arguably not even that, considering the above facts stated.
(Also: Please keep in mind that when I personally talk of a weapon being "cost-effective", I factor in not just the cost of crafting/using it, but also how risky it is to use the weapon, i.e. the chances of you dying and losing it. Which obviously is *not* "cost-effective" at all.)

something stupid 27 pts. 5 years ago

Capable of one-shotting a player to the torso, even with maximum achieveable projectile protection(metal chestplate, hoodie, leather gloves) at close range, this weapon can be very potent, and sneaking up on an enemy for a clean shot can be very rewarding.
If you are going up against automatic weapons at close range, try to take that extra split second to line up your shot. If you miss, chances are extremely high you will be dead before you will get to fire again.

iowerth 21 pts. 3 years ago

My favorite weapon for hunting animals for fat/food in early to mid game. One shot kills every animal except a bear which takes 2. If you have a horse, even better, as you can easily chase deer and shoot them from horseback with a bit of practice, and use them to get the first shot on a bear without taking damage. The sound of a single shotgun shot is much less likely to draw in counters than the sound of say, an AK or LR or even a tommy. Most people will just think it's a grub.

Zach 49 pts. 3 years ago

The most overlooked aspect of the pump shotgun is its damage to stone walls. For 2700 sulfur, cheaper than all other raiding methods, you can destroy a (hard-side) stone wall. It takes ~15 minutes but can be halved if you have two people firing at once. The pump raids faster than all other shotguns except the spas, though does more damage so has a lower sulfur cost than a spas.

lookatmynewgender 15 pts. 2 years ago

it has the quickest draw time among the shotguns.

JiveCracker[contributor] 108 pts. 2 years ago

silencer does not improve accuracy on any shotguns

Scaraboid 157 pts. year ago

Some weapons just aren't worth the cost increase to that of its predecessor, this is one of those examples, the db shoots over 2x as fast and you can still still 2 shot a full metal with it, it doesn't require 15 HIGH QUAL?! and springs to craft and it only needs a t1. however, with such a valuable weapon it still is statistically and realistically better in combat than the db in general. It is only viable to bring outside with slugs, other than that it is quite effective for the holder to be equipped with full heavy metal (plate) armor while riding in an armored car, jumping outside and shredding any opponent you pass by and it is also great for raid defense when a spas 12 or MGL is unavailable.

Username 41 pts. 4 years ago

All shotguns do the same damage, the reason pump says it does more is because it already comes loaded with buckshot while others come with handmade. • slug - 75dmg • incendiary - 150dmg • handmade - 180dmg • buckshot - 210dmg
•In my opinion in situations except for raids and raid defense DB is better than pump

Adalbert Gaming[contributor] 165 pts. 3 years ago

The pump action shotgun is not good for wandering and killing people unless you ambush people but the DBS is better at ambushing people (cuz it's cheap to craft, you fire the 2 shots quick and you can literally kill people with 1 or 2 shots) from hiding spots like bushes, monuments hiding, ect...
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