Weapon flashlight

The Flashlight is a weapon attachment, able to be attached to eligible weapons. To use it, the user presses their attachment function key (default F), and a bright cone of light will emit from underneath the barrel of their weapon. Light is useful for being able to see in the dark or blinding other players if close enough.

Weapon flashlight
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Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Weapon flashlight Blueprint Weapon flashlight Blueprint High Quality Metal×3 7–30 sec Workbench Level 1I
Tool Requirements Scrap Total
Research Table Research Table Weapon flashlightScrap×75>Weapon flashlight Blueprint 75
Workbench Level 1 Workbench Level 1 Salvaged Hammer BlueprintPickaxe BlueprintSalvaged Sword BlueprintCompound Bow BlueprintMace BlueprintSalvaged Cleaver BlueprintWaterpipe Shotgun BlueprintCombat Knife BlueprintBinoculars BlueprintScrap×83>Weapon flashlight Blueprint 769
Can be found in Condition Amount Chance
Advent Calendar Advent Calendar - 1 100 %
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler High Quality Metal×2 40 %
Recycler High Quality Metal×2 60 %

zukey[contributor] 1,285 pts. 6 years ago*

Using the bind (bind Mouse1 +lighttoggle;+attack2) the flashlight will turn on when you hold down right click. This is a very helpful bind because the flashlight has a blinding bloom when it is on. [/*]
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