16x Zoom Scope

The 16x Zoom Scope is a military-grade telescopic sight. Its reticle is a thin cross with bullet-drop guides. Its extreme magnification allows for precise fire over extreme distances, but its narrow field of view makes it impractical for any close quarter engagements or full-auto fire. As it's susceptible to shaking, consider using a Weapon Lasersight or Tactical Gloves in addition to this scope.

Recoil +50 %
16x Zoom Scope
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Container Condition Amount Chance
Elite Tier Crate - 1 0.3 %
Helicopter Crate - 1 1 %
APC Crate - 1 9 %
Locked Crate - 1 4 %
Heavy Scientist - 1 0.3 %
Heavy Scientist With Minigun - 1 0.3 %
Heavy Scientist With Flamethrower - 1 0.3 %
Shop name For Sale Cost
Black Market 16x Zoom Scope Scrap×300
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler High Quality Metal×32 40 %
Recycler High Quality Metal×48 60 %

Zoraproxi[contributor] 363 pts. 5 years ago

The 8x zoom scope can be used for almost any ranged weapon, specifically recommended for either the Bolt Action rifle or the L96. Bolt Action rifle with superior damage and L96 with superior range.

sunma18 22 pts. 5 years ago

You could also buy 8X scope in Bandit town.

ZuccΛ 148 pts. 5 years ago

8x is usually too much. Some people recycle it for the 40 hqm to craft a 4x for +10hqm if got the 4x blueprint

AKO 57 pts. year ago

16x can be purchased at Outpost. Very useful for a L96 or Bolt Action Rifle.
Use it with tactical gloves and laser sight and you have an excellent sniping weapon for raid protection or base protection. Not practical to carry the 16x around roaming since it has an extremely small aim cone.

rust 72 pts. 8 months ago

1. In any crate or heavy scientist drop the L96 will come with this scope. 2. Subjectively this scope sucks for anything except roof camping.

Scott Morrison at Ultimate Power 1 pts. month ago

After the recycler change, a 16x can be purchased for 300 scrap.
This will grant when recycling at:
  • Safezone Recycler: 32 HQM 9.4 Scrap per
  • Standard Recycler: 48 HQM 6.3 Scrap per


sunma18 22 pts. 5 years ago

L96 Rifle L96 Rifle Works the best with 16x Zoom Scope 8X Zoom scope.
Identifier 174866732
Stack Size ×1
Despawn time 40 min