Semi-Automatic Pistol

The semi-automatic pistol (commonly referred to as the 'P250' or 'P2') is a fast firing, medium damage weapon that has a moderate bullet velocity and steep damage drop-off. It is an extremely popular weapon due to it's effectiveness at short-medium distances and it's low cost. It can be easily used as a primary weapon or as a compliment to pretty much any other gun.

Damage 40
Rate of Fire 400 RPM
Aim Cone 0.75°
Capacity 10
Reload 2.9 sec
Draw 0.5 sec
Semi-Automatic Pistol
  1. Loot
  2. Craft
  3. Digging
  4. Blueprint
  5. Repair
  6. Recycling
  7. Mods
  8. Damage
  9. Skins
  10. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Military Crate 10–20 % 1 0.5 %
Elite Tier Crate 10–20 % 1–2 1 %
Underwater Lab Yellow Crate 10–20 % 1 0.5 %
Wagon Military Crate 10–20 % 1 0.5 %
Locked Crate 100 % 1–2 2 %
Treasure Box 10–20 % 1–2 2 %
Patrol Scientist 100 % 1 0.08 %
Oil Rig Scientist 100 % 1 0.1 %
Excavator Scientist 100 % 1 0.09 %
Arctic Scientist 100 % 1 0.1 %
NVG Scientist 100 % 1 0.4 %
Military Base Scientist 100 % 1 0.09 %
Heavy Scientist 100 % 1 0.06 %
Cargo Ship Scientist 100 % 1 0.07 %
Heavy Scientist With Minigun 100 % 1 0.07 %
Heavy Scientist With Flamethrower 100 % 1 0.07 %
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Semi-Automatic Pistol Blueprint Semi-Automatic Pistol Blueprint Semi Automatic BodyHigh Quality Metal×4Metal Pipe 15–30 sec Workbench Level 2II
Metal Pipe Blueprint Metal Pipe Blueprint High Quality Metal×2Scrap×20 1 sec Workbench Level 3III
Tool Location Biome Amount Chance
Metal Detector Metal Detector Fields Any biome 1 5 %
Tool Requirements Scrap Total
Research Table Research Table Semi-Automatic PistolScrap×125>Semi-Automatic Pistol Blueprint 125
Workbench Level 2 Workbench Level 2 Longsword BlueprintSalvaged Axe BlueprintSalvaged Icepick Blueprint12 Gauge Buckshot BlueprintPump Shotgun BlueprintHomemade Landmine BlueprintScrap×150>Semi-Automatic Pistol Blueprint 930
Tool Max Repair Cost Condition Loss BP Required
Repair Bench Repair Bench High Quality Metal×2 20% Yes
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler High Quality Metal×2Semi Automatic Body40%Metal Pipe40% 40 %
Recycler High Quality Metal×3Semi Automatic Body60%Metal Pipe60% 60 %
Modifications Damage Rate of Fire Aim Cone Hip Aim Cone Velocity Recoil Aim Sway Capacity
16x Zoom Scope 16x Zoom Scope - - - - - +50 % - -
Burst Module Burst Module - +30 % -35 % -35 % - -35 % - -
Extended Magazine Extended Magazine - - - - - - - +25 %
Weapon flashlight Weapon flashlight - - - - - - - -
Holosight Holosight - - -20 % - - - - -
Weapon Lasersight Weapon Lasersight - - -20 % -50 % - - -90 % -
Muzzle Boost Muzzle Boost - +10 % +0.15 +0.5 - - - -
Muzzle Brake Muzzle Brake -15 % - +0.5 +2 - -50 % -100 % -
Simple Handmade Sight Simple Handmade Sight - - - - - - - -
Silencer Silencer -25 % - - - -25 % - - -
8x Zoom Scope 8x Zoom Scope - - - - - +50 % - -
Ammunition Damage DPS Headshot Aim Cone Velocity
Pistol Bullet Pistol Bullet 40 94 ×2 0.75° 300
Incendiary Pistol Bullet Incendiary Pistol Bullet 44.8 105 ×2 0.75° 225
HV Pistol Ammo HV Pistol Ammo 40 94 ×2 0.75° 400

N3xT[contributor] 346 pts. 4 years ago

Even though it has a lot of fans, this gun underperforms at the hands of many people, due to the feeling the shooter gets from a variety of factors:
- Bad iron sights, people often instinctively shoot too high, overpredicting the drop, which especially at short to medium range really isn't significant. So in those cases, try to aim exactly with the tip of your iron sights.
- The sound effect of shooting a bullet (contributes to a perceived decrease in user comfort.. just like weapon skins, even in placebo tests, increase people's shooting performance for 'human related' reasons)
- The overall look of the weapon, which isn't too pretty
So yeah, all of that is behind your ears, but in many people it does adversely affect shooting performance. But back to the basics, this is a relatively accurate pistol with a decent damage and decent mid range.. let the stats count, not the feeling that results from how the weapon presents itself.

MisterDanny8 [CFC] 100 pts. 6 years ago

The recoil is bad, so try tap shooting from a far distance. Or get up close.

T!tan³ 2 pts. 6 years ago

A cheap versatile pistol with a low reload time. Also makes a great sidearm due to its quick draw speed.
The ironsights can be a bit all over the place when spraying, though.

AngryFloppa 31 pts. 3 years ago

Guys I've found semi automatic pistol in oil rig scienist, not heavy scienist!!!

RELADO 6 pts. 2 years ago

the sap in my opinion is one of the greater guns in the game if you practise the recoil. it has a very fast rpm but would defently recommend to crouch when firing the gun as if you dont crouch wile shooting the recoil will be harder to control making the gun less relaiable. My reason why i think the gun is one of the better in the game is because it costs less to make then a sar has the same damage as the sar has a faster fire rate than the sar and has bullets that cost less to make(Pistol bullets). It is an amazing weapon all the way to mid teir fights and if the person who is using the gun has a good recoil control then the gun can become one of the better budget guns. its better at close/mid range than the python custom (in some cases) revolver Sar. the reload is one of the faster in the game so figthing somone in close range is always gonna be a win if you need to reload.

ERKEK2000 41 pts. year ago

SAP is a direct upgrade to the revolver letting you attach a flashlight to your gun. One of the easiest weapons to craft early on wipe day. With the new aim cone it is not possible to use this gun or any of the handguns at long range. I suggest holding your shots until you are within 85 meters of your target.

Mutes all tryhard 169 pts. year ago

compared to other guns:
-the semi-automatic pistol has way less recoil than the python revolver, and has 10 bullets instead of 6 and the SAP costs a lot less high quality metal.
-the semi-automatic pistol has way less recoil than the m92 (buyable at bandit camp) and you can craft it instead of having to buy m92s for 250 scrap each time.
-the semi-automatic pistol is less recoil than the revolver, and a lot more accurate at medium range, and it can use a flashlight while the revolver cannot use a flashlight. straight upgrade.
-the semi-automatic pistol has a similar craft cost to the SAR (semi-automatic rifle), but the SAR has way more range. these two guns are not too far from each other on the tech tree, so most people just use the sar. the sar is often sold in vending machine shops, so you can buy two SARs from vending machines at outpost/bandit camp at the beginning of wipe a lot of the time.
i personally would only use the semi-automatic pistol if lost all my SARs, and no one was selling higher tier weapons that i could buy at outpost/bandit camp, and i was really low on metal fragments so i can't make more SARs, and i would have enough semi-automatic bodies + high quality metal left after crafting SAP to still craft SAR soon.
and even then i would replace it with sar as soon as i farm more metal fragments.

zukey[contributor] 1,285 pts. 6 years ago

The Semi-Automatic pistol, also known as the P250 is a decent close to mid-range gun. It has practically the same price as the Semi-Automatic Rifle and is one of the three general-use guns craftable with a Work Bench Level 2
This weapon can do well at close ranges but is often not used as the Semi-Automatic Rifle can do practically the same, but it is much more effective at longer ranges and is more accurate, making it the better choice.
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