The Revolver is cheap, prime for early game use. Although inaccurate, the Revolver's quick rate of fire allows it hold its own against players at most stages. Being a revolver, it has a low capacity of just 8 shots, but it's still an upgrade from its 1- and 2- shot alternatives. Taking a Revolver to a fight against opponents with metal armor is quite risky, as such opponents will take many more shots than normal to take out (even more so considering the small capacity). It is best advised to only use the Revolver against opponents with similar armaments or as a sidearm to another weapon.

Damage 35
Rate of Fire 343 RPM
Aim Cone 0.75°
Capacity 8
Reload 3.4 sec
Draw 0.5 sec
  1. Loot
  2. Shopping
  3. Craft
  4. Digging
  5. Blueprint
  6. Events
  7. Repair
  8. Recycling
  9. Mods
  10. Damage
  11. Skins
  12. Tips
Container Condition Amount Chance
Crate 10–20 % 1 1 %
Sunken Chest 10–20 % 1 1 %
Underwater Lab Blue Crate 10–20 % 1 1 %
Elite Tier Crate 10–20 % 1 2 %
Wagon Crate 10–20 % 1 1 %
Underwater Dweller 100 % 1 0.2 %
Tunnel Dweller 100 % 1 0.2 %
Patrol Scientist 100 % 1 0.2 %
Oil Rig Scientist 100 % 1 0.2 %
Excavator Scientist 100 % 1 0.2 %
Arctic Scientist 100 % 1 0.2 %
Military Base Scientist 100 % 1 0.2 %
Heavy Scientist 100 % 1 2 %
Cargo Ship Scientist 100 % 1 0.2 %
Heavy Scientist With Minigun 100 % 1 2 %
Heavy Scientist With Flamethrower 100 % 1 2 %
Shop name For Sale Cost
Weapons Revolver Scrap×200
Blueprint Ingredients Time Workbench Level
Revolver Blueprint Revolver Blueprint Metal PipeCloth×25Metal Fragments×125 7–30 sec Workbench Level 1I
Metal Pipe Blueprint Metal Pipe Blueprint High Quality Metal×2Scrap×20 1 sec Workbench Level 3III
Tool Location Biome Amount Chance
Metal Detector Metal Detector Fields Any biome 1 11 %
Tool Requirements Scrap Total
Research Table Research Table RevolverScrap×75>Revolver Blueprint 75
Workbench Level 1 Workbench Level 1 Salvaged Hammer BlueprintPickaxe BlueprintSalvaged Sword BlueprintCompound Bow BlueprintMace BlueprintSalvaged Cleaver BlueprintWaterpipe Shotgun BlueprintFlare BlueprintPistol Bullet BlueprintScrap×83>Revolver Blueprint 708
Can be found in Condition Amount Chance
Silver Egg Silver Egg 100 % 1 17 %
Medium Loot Bag Medium Loot Bag 100 % 1 15 %
Large Present Large Present 100 % 1 13 %
Tool Max Repair Cost Condition Loss BP Required
Repair Bench Repair Bench Cloth×5Metal Fragments×25High Quality Metal 20% Yes
Recycler Yield Efficiency
Safe Zone Recycler Cloth×10Metal Fragments×50Metal Pipe40% 40 %
Recycler Cloth×15Metal Fragments×75Metal Pipe60% 60 %
Modifications Damage Rate of Fire Aim Cone Hip Aim Cone Velocity Recoil Aim Sway Capacity
Muzzle Boost Muzzle Boost - +10 % +0.15 +0.5 - - - -
Muzzle Brake Muzzle Brake -15 % - +0.5 +2 - -50 % -100 % -
Silencer Silencer -25 % - - - -25 % - - -
Ammunition Damage DPS Headshot Aim Cone Velocity
Pistol Bullet Pistol Bullet 35 61 ×2 0.75° 300
Incendiary Pistol Bullet Incendiary Pistol Bullet 39.2 68 ×2 0.75° 225
HV Pistol Ammo HV Pistol Ammo 35 61 ×2 0.75° 400

DeadlyFish 85 pts. 6 years ago

Great weapon for the price, can compete with tier 2 guns If you have good aim. Downsides are the somewhat low damage, bad drop at range and inaccuracy when firing fast.

Skitter 84 pts. year ago

In the hands of a skilled user, this teeny little gun can accomplish big things. It's a surprisingly reliable weapon, more so than one would expect with the price point. It has decent ammo capacity and fire rate, and can hit enemies at ranges you wouldn't expect it to. Can be used for a cheap and effective roaming weapon, or as a sidearm to take advantage of it's draw speed and handling to give a nasty surprise to the guy who pushed you because he thought you were reloading.

Mutes all tryhard 169 pts. year ago

this gun performs differently at the 3 different ranges, which you have to understand before using it.
at long range, this is very ineffective. it take maybe 1.5 seconds to recover from recoil and maybe 1 second to aim your next shot. and even if you hit it, you won't do any damage because guns with low "range" do less damage if you are trying to use them at higher ranges.
some people like to use this gun as a long range finisher when combined with the compound bow, but that has a lot of problems: (1) the compound bow is shaky at full charge which can make you miss (2) the aim cone of the compound bow is 1 degree meaning that even if you aim the full charged shot perfectly, you can still miss at long range. (3) even if you hit the full charged shot, the enemy can put up a wall barricade to give himself time to heal (4) even if you hit the compound bow shot, you can miss the revolver shots if he starts dodging or is near cover. (5) the compound bow shot can only hit one person, so if he has teammates, you will die or at least won't be able to loot your kill. (6) if you do kill the target, he knows you have primitive weapons and he might doorcamp you or try to raid you. i don't recommend this gun at long range even when paired with the compound bow.
at medium range, this gun has to be fired slowly still. if you try to burst fire at medium range, you will miss a lot of the 8 shots. but you have to be less perfect with your aim than when firing at long range since the target is large on your screen. if you fire this gun slowly, then this is like a improved version of the hunting bow because it is harder for enemies to dodge your shots. do not expect to beat people with high tier guns by engaging them at medium range with this gun as you need to not miss and kill them before they can retatiate or take cover or start dodging or put down wooden walls which is hard. i don't recommend this gun at medium range unless it is early game and everyone else just has bows and crossbows.
at close range, this can be used like a burst fire gun machine gun. it can do 35 damage per shot 8 times for 280 burst damage. at longer ranges, you have to recover from recoil and aim between each shot to continue firing. but at at close range, it is so hard to miss that you can burst fire and likely hit every shot. so it can be used as a assassin tool similar to the double barrel shotgun. but since it is not instantaneous like the double barrel shotgun, you will lose if the opponent starts dodging or shooting you immediately. check if the enemy has a lot of teammates before trying to assassinate him with this though because you can be killed if you have to reload against a bunch of people. it is better than the double barrel shotgun at about 1 square foundation or higher distance. (if you didn't know, the double barrel shotgun starts becoming really inaccurate at a distance of about 1 square foundation.) i love using this as an assassin tool. just sit in a bush or any type of blind spot or hiding spot and wait for people to pass. for example, if you know where people live and you see them doing a monument, you can sit in a bush as they go back home, wait for them to get close to your bush, and assassinate them.
if you are lacking cloth for this gun, you can buy tactical gloves at outpost for 40 scrap and recycle them to get 200 cloth. and at bandit camp, you can use the drone marketplace to do them same thing but you pay a 20 scrap delivery fee too. if you have a vending machine at your house, you can send the cloth to your house and then you can craft a bunch of revolvers easily.

nDook[contributor] 832 pts. 6 years ago

The revolver's capacity, velocity, and rate of fire make it great for denying rushes and routs alike. You're better off using the crossy or bow if your opponent is fighting you behind cover, and it suffers in close quarters if your opponent can make full use of their mobility. As it uses pistol ammo, you should be wary of the comparatively smaller hitbox of the projectiles.

dat bois boi[contributor] 32 pts. 6 years ago

most people use this firearm as a cheap starting weapon. A tactic used by many players are spamming the revolver in close quarter combat and works especially well when you fire first

Pfefferpotthast[contributor] 229 pts. 6 years ago

Great early game weapon for mid range engagements. Personally I like it better than the Waterpipe Shotgun because you don't have to get close to get a kill. Overall a good early game choice.

Escovinha 14 pts. 6 years ago

Pros ::: Easy to Learn --- Really Cheap --- Good choice to avoid Rushs at the very beggining --- Versatile weapon at the beggining
Cons ::: Lose his value really fast, even at the starting game ---
Tips ::: Investing at some successor weapons (like Python Revolver or Custom SMG) should be considered. The revolver must be abandoned soon as possible as its loses his shine very fast, making you one step back if not caring to evolve your fire power.

Lutvicko 49 pts. 5 years ago

Works great with Crossbow in Early game just hit a person with crossbow then shoot the revolver, Not usable at middle or end game beacuse of its low damage
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